A voicehearer’s path ~

The 11th Principle ~

11) The Song flows best through the clearest channels. Be gentle, forgive yourselves your failings, and do not harm the children.

This, to my notion, may be the most important lesson Spirit has taught me, at that time in my life, or now, it matters not, this is where we can help one another the most. We must learn to forgive. I know, some of the offenses that we have committed against one another are nearly unforgiveable. It matters not if it is a sexual offense, or the offense of killing us because we fall into a category someone doesn’t happen to like, if we do not learn to get past these horrors of man’s inhumanity to man, if we do not begin to see that we are all so very connected that when one is injured we are all injured, and conversely if one unjures, we all injure, we will never progress to creating harmony within ourselves, let alone harmony on a global scale.

This is where I have come to value the Buddha’s teachings even more than Y’shua’s. It was through the Buddha that I learned that the best way to forgive such horrible atrocities was simply to release them. To give them no value in my life. When I release them, I choose to live in compassion toward my fellows at all levels. It is not a matter of their no longer being responsible for their shortcomings, it is a matter of my realizing that it is not mine to hold them responsible. That is Hashem’s job, not mine. It is my job to release all attachment to outcomes, to see all humans as my brother, sister, aunt, mother, father, capable of great harm, but connected to me, nontheless, and I am responsible for my own actions, not theirs.

Even this is not easy, but one of the things that helps is the knowledge that  one cannot play beautiful music through a “dirty” instrument. If the instrument is clean, i.e. a clear channel, the music that comes forth will be an enhancement to other lives, and an edification of my own. Unforgiveness, anger held tightly, “dirties” the instrument, and the music cannot flow, it is blocked, irrevocably, and until the blockage is released, the music will not come through. For those to whom the music matters, this is an invaluable help, for those who need something else to make release a palatable choice, remember that there is ease of the soul’s distress only when all attachments to old pains and hurts are released into the universe. Let them go, be who you truly are.

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