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5th Principle

5) Everything has its own vibration. When you were born, you had already a song of your own, your expression of the Song of Love. It is the same for all life. Each has its own expression. Even so with plants, trees, rocks, clouds, water, earth; All Life.

You have your own song, sing it! This is why most often we see a personality coming out even in the tiniest baby. This little person is already very much carrying a tune of their own. We do not make them each individuals, they already are. What we do is add the various grace notes and new phrases to their repertoire so that, if we have done our job correctly, they may sing their own song more fully.

A parent does not give a child their personality, they have that already when born. However, a parent can influence very much how that personality interfaces with the society into which that child is born. Your child is the gift of the many generations both houses of mother and father combined with the love and care given by this set of parents. That makes child rearing an ever present challenge, since, as any good parent knows, no two children are alike. You simply can’t go by a previously given set of instructions.

However, if you think of your child as having their own music when they come to you, and think of your job as truly listening to hear their song, then help them tune it and fine tune it, the rewards for both child and parent will be immense. When we learn to have that kind of respect for each other, let alone the other life forms in the Universe, we may just begin to mature into the kind of enlightened beings that are capable of creating harmony and balance!

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