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Principle Number 3 ~

3) The Universe sings the Song of Love. It resonates through everything. Mind/Spirit/Matter, as different levels (vibrations) of the same energy.

I love the sound of the Tibetan singing bowls, or big bells, or gongs, or steel pan drums. Their sonic vibration make you conscious of what they are doing to you simply because we don’t take those sounds for granted. They are “exotic” for most of us, and therefore more easily detected when “feeling” the music they make. But, everything in our lives makes music. There are no exceptions. Even the chair you are sitting on or the table beside it. If you listen closely, you can even hear the sound from the light shining in the socket of the lamp illuminating your area for you. Or the computer you are sitting at to look at this post . . . . .

This is normal, and why when the world goes quiet at night you still hear noises in the house or apartment in which you sleep. Those noises are there all the time, you just don’t hear them because you are moving and making noise during the day, as are most of your neighbors.

Your body makes noise even when you are not moving. Your heart beats, your intestinal tract makes squeaks and slushes as it moves food through your system, your blood is even making soft swishing noises as it moves through your arteries and veins. This is the same with all animals, no matter the size. So, you see, (or hear) you have never actually experienced total silence. This is why sensory deprivation can actually drive a person mad. At no time since we were able to hear or sense touch (about 12 weeks gestation) have we ever been without the input of our senses. If that were to suddenly cease, the mind would be at a loss as to what to do and would start inventing things to feel and touch.

There are worms in the soil that make noise as they aerate each inch of the ground, The wind in the trees makes a noise, water lapping against the shore, and the animals both on the land and in the sea make their own noises. The Earth rolling around the Sun makes her share of noise. Each of the orbs, whether planet, sun, or moon has it’s own noise level it contributes to the pool as it were. So, everything around you contributes to the noise of daily living. This is the “Song of Love”, and is everywhere and all ways the lovely sound of Life. Even though we often consider space a void, it is not truly so, there is much there from planet to planet, if only debris and the detritus of planets and suns being born. Our Universe is actively spilling over with life.

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