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Butterfly prayers ~

The Native American “medicine” of the butterfly is transformation. I heard one of the more famous teachers from among the Lakota once comment that Y’shua’s “medicine” was the butterfly. I treasure that medicine, it is my own, from birth, actually, and when the teacher made this comment, I will admit to having been quite thrilled. It is the medicine of transformation, from a leaf crawler to a flyer. The transformation is so deep the leaf crawler must go into a deep sleep in order for it to occur.

This, then, as a prayer, is not some wimpy or sentimental prayer of butterfly kisses, but a deep and changing prayer that goes to the very heart of a matter. It is my prayer for all of us regarding our attitude where the Earth is concerned. I have never been particularly worried about Mother Earth surviving the little parasite known as humans, she will brush us off her skin when she grows tired of our bungling clumsiness.

I would like, however, for us to survive; to learn to honor her, so that she has no need to send us flying into space with no oxygen to survive. If this is to happen, however, we must decide that our survival as a species is more important than our individual desires. That’s asking a lot of us, we’re not known to be altruistic for long periods of time. Many of us can manage that a few minutes here and there, but, most are not made of the same cloth as Mother Theresa.

Many generations ago, that “survival” command was basically to go forth and multiply. We did! Oh boy, did we! We have pretty much crowded up the place at this point and are ruining the very old growth forests that keep the species alive. So, how do we do this? ZPG (zero population growth) is not a new concept. It’s been around for quite a while, yet there is recently an upsurge again in people having large families. Why?

Nature’s answer among the wild ones is to foster same gender teams instead of mixed gender teams for working and living. Yet, among humans, such same gender teaming up is a controversy. What once fostered the very atmosphere in which our species was to thrive, i.e. have babies, is the very thing that will kill us if we do not control our urges. And I am certain that the Fundamentalist Christian answer would be celibacy if they thought curtailing the population was necessary, but they are the source of the recent upsurge in large families. EEEK!

Hm, it would seem that FC’s (fundamentalist Christians) are setting up the stage for the very persecution they have been fearing for decades, as they decide that the rest of the world is wrong and they are the only folks who are right. FC’s have been known to bomb abortion clinics, and even protest milder forms of population control such as “the pill”. It is often the FC’s who demonstrate and instigate the anti-gay movements that make same gender relationships among humans a dangerous way to live.

They claim the example of Sodom and Gomorrah as their reason for rejecting gays, but no gay I know is violent or invasive just because they are gay. In fact, it is the gay bashers that are the violent ones. What’s up with that? Y’shua taught peace and love, turning the other cheek, etc, yet, that is most definitely not the brand of Christianity practiced in America today. It is for this reason that I pray my Butterfly Prayers. We need change at every level of being.  You are welcome to join me in those prayers, may The Ancient of Days bless your every word.

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