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Is three a magical number, or a divine number, and is there a difference? You do know that the Trinity does not have exclusive dominion over the number three as to the amount of persons or concepts involved in a particular set of beliefs, right? And you also know that the others cannot be chided for copying Christianity as they existed before Paul and Constantine decided that Moshe must have got it wrong when he quoted G-d as having said he would never come in human form? OK, I just wanted to know we were on the same page.

Three has represented so many wonderful things all along the many spiritual journeys man has set his heart and feet upon. There are the three treasures and the three jewels, these are in Taoism and Buddhism respectively, and signify the discipline, guidance of the Buddha and fellowship in Buddhism, and Charity, frugality and humility in Taoism. Click on the number above and you will see that there are so many ways that three has shown up that one could almost wear a triad symbol into any spiritual gathering anywhere and be accepted as one of the fellowship. I like this little jade mobius strip that isn’t really anybody’s but celebrates the number 3 as well as anything available.

The concept of the several being parts of the one was already in Judaism when Constantine played his hand, showing up in Jewish mysticism as the Sefirot, not three in one, but an entire tree of individuals who all held within themselves the reflection of the whole. Aspects of God they are called, yet each aspect has it’s own personality and is therefore not considered an “it”.

The Wiccans recognize the power of three and the law of returns with their teachings. If you put it out into the universe, it will return to you threefold, hmmm, where did i hear that teaching before? The big difference is that for them it is Maiden, Mother and Crone, not Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

What really makes that number of all numbers so dang special? I have a theory, it’s probably only worth a couple of cents, even in today’s inflated market, but, hey, what the heck . . . . .I think it has to do with the triad made within music of the sound of a chord. When three harmonious notes are played together the chord that results is both stronger and more beautiful than one note alone.

I Googled musical chords, and there was my mobius in the form of chords. I am simply going to have to get one to wear! The link for that picture takes you to an article entitled Goedel, Escher and Chopin, but there’s a book out there entitled Goedel, Escher and Bach, a fun read if you enjoy word play and love allowing the mind to wander through several layers of meaning. Oh, and another triad.

I have not even begun to explore all the places there are triads to explore, from the Parthenon, to Egypt, to Hinduism, it’s all there. Lots and lots of threes. Remember, three harmonious notes make a chord.

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  1. M. Patterson said:

    Lots of perfectly unreligious and irreverent things come in threes, also, but why mention them? Because not all things that come in threes have anything to do with each other. It’s just a number, and you’re taking it out of context. Numbers have no meaning beyond their object of reference. Why stop at numbers? We could find a connection in colors. Banannas are yellow, canaries are yellow and tooth tartar is yellow. Therefore, I must brush my banana to keep my canary from getting tartar.


  2. Yes, did you check out the Wiki for the number three? That was fun! The “three” links to it. Lots of goodies, both profane and profound, my point was that the Trinity is not the first use of the three, nor is it the last. And I thank you for commenting, for, tomorrow, I shall probably bore everyone with the continuing point that Egypt had a Father, Mother and Son trinity, the Taoists have the three pure ones, The Wiccans have Maiden, Mother, and Crone. There are many religious trinities.

    I remember all the times I was told in Catechism the uniqueness of Christianity in all it’s aspects. There is no uniqueness in Christianity except the idea that if you simply believe, you will go to heaven, and others who live compassionate lives will burn in an eternal hell.

    Isn’t it interesting that because Jimmy Swaggart (whore monger) called on Jeeeeesus to saaaave him he will supposedly spend eternity in heaven, while the woman down the street, who spent many hours running errands for her neighbors and chanting Buddhist prayers burns in hell, I have difficulty with that. Thanks for letting me complete that point.

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