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Is three a magical number, or a divine number, and is there a difference? You do know that the Trinity does not have exclusive dominion over the number three as to the amount of persons or concepts involved in a particular set of beliefs, right? And you also know that the others cannot be chided for copying Christianity as they existed before Paul and Constantine decided that Moshe must have got it wrong when he quoted G-d as having said he would never come in human form? OK, I just wanted to know we were on the same page.

Three has represented so many wonderful things all along the many spiritual journeys man has set his heart and feet upon. There are the three treasures and the three jewels, these are in Taoism and Buddhism respectively, and signify the discipline, guidance of the Buddha and fellowship in Buddhism, and Charity, frugality and humility in Taoism. Click on the number above and you will see that there are so many ways that three has shown up that one could almost wear a triad symbol into any spiritual gathering anywhere and be accepted as one of the fellowship. I like this little jade mobius strip that isn’t really anybody’s but celebrates the number 3 as well as anything available.

The concept of the several being parts of the one was already in Judaism when Constantine played his hand, showing up in Jewish mysticism as the Sefirot, not three in one, but an entire tree of individuals who all held within themselves the reflection of the whole. Aspects of God they are called, yet each aspect has it’s own personality and is therefore not considered an “it”.

The Wiccans recognize the power of three and the law of returns with their teachings. If you put it out into the universe, it will return to you threefold, hmmm, where did i hear that teaching before? The big difference is that for them it is Maiden, Mother and Crone, not Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

What really makes that number of all numbers so dang special? I have a theory, it’s probably only worth a couple of cents, even in today’s inflated market, but, hey, what the heck . . . . .I think it has to do with the triad made within music of the sound of a chord. When three harmonious notes are played together the chord that results is both stronger and more beautiful than one note alone.

I Googled musical chords, and there was my mobius in the form of chords. I am simply going to have to get one to wear! The link for that picture takes you to an article entitled Goedel, Escher and Chopin, but there’s a book out there entitled Goedel, Escher and Bach, a fun read if you enjoy word play and love allowing the mind to wander through several layers of meaning. Oh, and another triad.

I have not even begun to explore all the places there are triads to explore, from the Parthenon, to Egypt, to Hinduism, it’s all there. Lots and lots of threes. Remember, three harmonious notes make a chord.

Politically Correct?

I have been trying my darnedest to figure out how to put this in a manner that is PC. I cannot in good conscience vote into the White House a woman who believes that all who are not Christian will burn for eternity. If she is truly Assemblies of God, there are a number of other things with which I have an issue. Yeah, OK, I’m trying to be PC, otherwise I’d have said I simply disagree. After all, it is her faith, and I do not necessarily feel that a person’s faith should be part of the equation when I am voting. Except for one little thing. The fundies made it my issue the last major election.

Now, I will grant anyone who asks that, yes, I do believe there are those deserving of eternal damnation. Hitler, Stalin, Dahmer, Amin, to name but a very few, but I am not even certain that they are cast there.

Why would I believe, or want to believe that those who live compassionate lives, and indeed center the practice of their faith around compassionate acts, such as the Buddhists, the Jews, the Taoists, again to name but a few, are going to spend eternity far removed from the source of Love? Y’shua said that if you obeyed the command to love you would see the Father. He did not say that if you believed in him and hated the rest of the world you would be “saved”. You can believe in Him, but you must love also(John’s Gospel), if I read Matthew correctly, if you do not believe in him, but love, you will be “saved”.

I am well aware that there are many Christians, not just the fundies that beleive that one will perish if one does not accept Jesus as personal savior, but I cannot buy it. I do not believe a compassionate God, and I do believe Hashem has such compassion as to make even Mother Theresa look mean, would condemn anyone who had been a victim of the Crusades or the Inquisition to burn in eternity for not accepting the one seen as authoring their torture. Yet, that is the fate of all who reject the Master if Christianity is to be believed.

I am also aware of those who would say that they are protestant, and both of those horrors happened under the Roman church. I know the history of the church as well as many, and one of the things that puzzles me, there were no new texts until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, yet there is no Protestant church that has embraced the Gospel of Thomas. The Protestants are quick to call the Roman church many things ungodly, but you depend on the very same book to enlighten your followers, changing only on principle a few of the apocryphal tomes.

I think I am saddest for those few gentle souls who sincerely believe your bashing of other humans as condemned, and spend their nights in tearful prayers for those who are already living in obedience to the highest command!

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