A voicehearer’s path ~

Hadron ~

Wheeeee! Wasn’t that fun? We down here in south Texas, bracing for Ike thought maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about the hurricane, since the firestorm from the Hadron Collider was going to take us out more quickly. Well, dang, another failed experiment. But, hey, they say that in 30 days, we can brace ourselves all over again. I am not at all sure why we folks feel the need to experiment with this, but it is altogether fun to see scientists get into the “End of the World as we know it” scenario.

The “end time” prophets must be doing a booming business. So, how does this even remotely affect those of us who simply stand out here in the middle of the road waiting to be run over? My attitude has been for some time that though I don’t believe in the Rapture, I love Y’shua and it would seem that the best plan would be to go on living as compassionate a life as I can so that if I am wrong, Hashem will look kindly on me. Seems to me an effective way to meet something as incredible as experiments with the fabric of time and space. Isn’t it also interesting that Noah was told that the next time the world underwent that kind of cleansing it would be by fire?

But then, if I am right, the Humanists, who do not believe in the existence of anything beyond the spectrum of light humans can at this point explore, but at least have a code of ethics, shouldn’t fare too badly should Y’shua arrive on a cloud in the air. I’ve always felt the “End time” visions of the Second Coming folks was more than a bit cartoonish, and I suspect Hashem a bit less like a cartoon than one would believe if one followed these folks down their primrose path.

I cannot look at photos of colliding galaxies and think of Hashem as a cartoon. I have to wonder what went wrong, yet, since I am not in the loop of knowledge on that, I don’t even know if there were any blue marbles in those galaxies to know that there might have been life as we understand it to begin with. The universe is so vast that I cannot help but believe the great experiment, {can we learn to love?} will go on. Somewhere, somewhen, we will learn to love, I am confident that this will happen.

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