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Grace ~

I suspect this is going to turn out to be a continuation of the post on the Sermon on the Mount. Grace is such an enigmatic concept that I fear most Christians just don’t get it. They sing about it, they write about it, they preach about it, but they do not practice it.

If a person believes that Calvin was right, and that all mankind is full of depravity and “wrongness” and that the only way to be “saved’ is to believe in Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection, why is there this constant barrage about particular “sins”? One of my pet peeves with those who supposedly believed the rabbi from Gallilee, is that they seem to know nothing of who he was and what he taught, and didn’t teach. Four gospels were kept of all the accounts that were written about him and what he had to say. Only four! And not one of them records him as having said anything about being Gay!

The biblical commentary about that lifestyle is all in the Tanakh, what Christians call the Old Testament. And even here you are incomplete!! I will not call the bible holy. Your predecessors picked and chose which books were put into the so called holy writ from the Torah to the accounts of the rabbi’s life! You speak of the blood red line from Genesis to Revelations like it was some great prophetic explosion of knowledge, never reckoning with the fact that that was the compilers’ intention, nor that in so doing the collection was rendered helplessly incomplete. Even your Paul would have shuddered to see what you excluded from the compilation you call your Holy book!

Y’shua did not comment on being gay in the Sermon on the Mount, but he did speak of ordinary shortcomings like lust and judging others before you look into your own soul, and being an ordinary human being and adultery, the results of lust. Why not preach continually to your own tendency to pick a spouse and then discard same when the one you promised eternal fealty no longer suits you? Oh, that would be uncomfortable to preach that sermon in your church, too many of your congregation are divorced. But nobody practices a gay lifestyle, at least not openly, so that’s a safe “sin” to preach against.

Prayer from the heart . . . .

Prayer from the heart . . . .

It must gall you that you can no longer use the argument that same gender relationships are not natural. With all the research now in evidence that the gay tendency is a product of over-crowding, why don’t you preach against having too many children? Oh, I forgot, that’s blessed in Genesis. My guess is that those who harp unendingly about the Gay lifestyle are jealous that the “boys” are having too much fun. Stop worrying about somebody else having all the fun and leaving you out and worry about the progress of your own soul toward the high calling that Y’shua came to show us.

Learn to love. Learn to forgive. Learn to pray. Learn to abide. Learn to mind your own business and walk the good walk yourself, then you won’t have so much to worry about when you meet the One whose job it is to judge, eh?  Walk as though you were given the best gift ever, then I will know you understand grace.


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