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A Christian Buddhist ~

I know, you have to seriously wonder if such a category even dares exist. And the painful truth is, not as an orthodox Christian. However, there are several points at which Buddhism and Christianity are so thoroughly alike that one needs to examine the differences as a matter of testing their importance. The results of such an examination might surprise you.

The major difference between Buddhism and Christianity is that Buddhism is a path of disciplined living toward becoming a happier and more fulfilled individual, while Christianity is (ostensibly) about being at the very center, of God’s will in how you live your life.  One Buddhist may believe in Indra, another in no God at all, another in Shiva. There is no contest among them, as Gautama Buddha taught that it was not a relevant issue toward one’s inner peace. Buddha, in fact would not allow his followers to make him into a God in any way. I am not sure that it would actually please him that there are statues of him all over the world. He said he was not a God.

Now, Y’shua may have actually claimed that he was the Son of God, but almost invariably when he is quoted as having said things of this sort, there is following a teaching on the fact that Hashem taught that we were all Sons and Daughters of God. However, his teachings were mostly about finding peace in obedience to the teachings. In other words, by pleasing a Holy God.

Yet, at the heart of both their teachings is only one command or discipline to be practiced. Compassion. This is the sum of the Buddha’s teachings, this is the sum of Y’shua’s teachings. When you realize this one thing, there should be no reason that one cannot be a Buddhist Christian.

The one difference that most orthodox Christians would point out, then, that cannot be overcome is that the churched do not believe in reincarnation. That is pretty basic to Paulist Christianity. And Paulist Christianity is what is practiced in every church I have ever been inside. I am not a Paulist. There were many things he wrote that I find helpful and wonderful, but the man did not even walk at Y’shua’s side, and I will not follow his teachings.

I have no problem with reincarnation, in fact, I believe it actually occurs. Therefore, for me, there is no problem in being a Buddhist Christian.

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