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The Truth?

Ethical axioms are found and tested not very differently from the axioms of science. Truth is what stands the test of experience.

I think it is perhaps this quote from Einstein that sent me on my most searching journey regarding my faith. I was part of a church that isn’t quite as extreme as what most people think of as fundamentalism, but was close enough to make me cringe now. The pastor was fond of getting all excited and ranting about how we needed to protect the “TRUTH!”. I was a practicing nurse, and part of the reason that bothered me was simply that the truth was what you counted on surviving after all the fluff of a situation had settled out.

The thought of the truth needing defending was foreign to what I did to make a living. At one time I approached my pastor about this, and his suggestion was that perhaps I was in the wrong line of work. Yup, nursing, essentially obeying the teaching from the parable about the Samaritan. I decided maybe I was in the wrong church. I began to do some solid searching, and began to wonder just how much of what I was taught in Sunday school was objective truth.

The search took me into the Nag Hammadi library and I began to feel that maybe I had been deceived along with the rest of Christianity. It was when I read Huston Smith’s “World Religions” that I began to realize that perhaps the best spiritual path of all was to simply be compassionate, seek out objective truth, and live as quiet a life as I could. Sort of makes me a Buddhist Christian, since I still very much follow those teachings of  Y’shua’s that are matched in Buddhism and I still believe that Y’shua was an actual teacher whose words got messed with to fit the politics of the time, (Wow, do you think that could happen today? Heh!)

I absolutely adore the sweet natured man who is now the Dalai Lama, and have read three of his books from the Tibetan Library. I find a refreshing air of truth in holding to a faith where it is not necessary to believe in a God, only believe that you must become a better person. Y’shua was recorded to have said it was unimportant to believe in him, so long as you obeyed his teachings. The message then is the same, be compassionate. Wow! Obey God, and seek true personal happiness, what a concept!

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