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The Secret ~

Not new, not even a little bit, and not a secret.

I guess I should credit Madison Avenue with the magic of repackaging something quite old, and making it look like something fresh from the produce market. It astounds me though, that people buy into that sort of thing. Why?

I have said before that what Spirit taught me about living my life as a voice hearer was to look at the “Principle” behind any teaching. That would show me whether it was something to follow or to ignore. That advice has held me on a good path since I began to truly heed it. Now, to be painfully honest I made several rather awful errors before I really “got” the lesson. And went down some pretty crooked paths.

However, the “Principle” behind this particular teaching is as old as Hinduism, has been taught by the Buddha, and was shared in many different ways by Y’shua, whom most of you call the Christ. So the extreme reactions of “OMG, finally, the truth!” or “It’s just awful, and immoral!” are not even close.

Now, to be sure, it is an incomplete teaching. There is no reckoning in the “Law of Attraction” teachings with bearing responsibility for what you “put out there.” It’s just a bunch of positive thinking coaches getting together and putting the teaching in front of you in a most palatable manner. Actually, I suspect you should know that I rather like the packaging they use, and the only reason I am even speaking out about something everybody is talking about is that no one seems to understand what’s going on. Christians are up in arms, New Agers are just in “LUUUUUV”, and people are just spinning around and spewing out limade.

That being said, it’s time, and past time, to discuss the “Whole Teaching” and what it means to activate a major creative principle in your life. For the sake of my fellow citizens here in the US of A, I will go from the stance of Christianity, so that some understanding can be gotten without having to go over the entire belief system from the start.

Y’shua (Jesus to you), said things like “That which you sow, you shall also reap!) At least that’s how King James said The Master said it. Then there were the multitude of times he simply said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Both well known teachings of the Rabbi from Nazareth. In fact, like all really worthy teachers, Y’shua didn’t have to dance around a lot of words, he simply spoke major principles into his teachings in a concise and eloquent manner.

The Principle which he was addressing in this manner is, “What you put out, you will get back.” And that, dear readers is what the “Secret” is teaching you, only the “gurus” have quietly ignored all the ramifications of putting out particular types of “vibrations” and encouraged their “students” to go for the gold. Forget the lessons, just apply the physical attributes, and get rich! Great, huh?

Except, how did you get rich? Did you do it honestly? Many of those top people that got rich did not follow any good principles to get where they got, so do you really want to emulate them? Is physical wealth all you care about? Then for Heaven’s sake, don’t let me stop you, get out there and manifest!! Do I think it can be done? Absolutely! And I think the teaching is, as far as it goes, valid!

So, do you hear the “But!” there? You should, because it is a large one. Think about Y’shua’s way of teaching that same principle, “What you sow, that shall you also reap!” That means that if you take the “Secret”, and use it to cause harm to another, by bending their will to yours, as with a love affair, or in money, you will have to bear the consequences. You put it out there, it will come back to you. It also means that if you have unforgiveness in your heart, you put it out there, it will come back to you.

That is part of why I do not call myself a Christian in today’s church. To most, it seems quite permissible to hold unforgiveness toward someone, especially if they are not of your church family. Uh, is that what Y’shua said? I don’t think so. Yet there are those who say that my kind of believer, as in, you must forgive to be forgiven, are gnostics. OK, I give, if you insist, it’s OK, I’m a gnostic.

But, you must understand that if you apply this principle in your life, you must apply it’s wholeness to your life. Y’shua had it right on target, What you put out will come back to you, sometimes 3-fold, sometimes 10-fold, but it will, most assuredly come back to you. Do not harm others in any way to obtain what you think you want from the Universe, it will cloud up and rain all over you!


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