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Newtonian Theology?

I was just watching the History Channel on Sir Isaac Newton’s Dark Secrets. Oh my, and they were dark, at least in his day, bless his heart, they would have gotten him hung. Worse, he was a professor at Trinity College, and he was NOT a Trinitarian. He believed that Y’shua was born of God and was close to God, but was not God’s equal. Yes, it most certainly would have been the end of his career and more likely his life, if the “establishment” had known that was how he believed.

Those who have been part of my own circle of friends for years would feel that this was familiar theological ground, as it is what I have believed for a number of years. (Actually, it’s sort of encouraging to find that someone as incredibly intelligent as Newton believed this, as, when it occured to me, I thought I stood in a little cul de sac, all alone, with complete atheists and agnostics on one side, and Bible thumpers on the other. That wasn’t true, actually, and I now know that there have been many eminent scholars that were miles ahead of me from the start.

My little circle, however, is made up of non scholars who had come to question the church’s grip on their lives, who yet did not want to give up believing in God. We have come a long way since we first began to explore, and have learned through different channels of communication and different studies that we believe that God has been in communication with all humans since the beginning of time, and that there is at least a grain of truth in most religions at least at the core. We believe, or I should say I believe, since it is just me that is authoring this, and I shouldn’t put too much on the shoulders of others when I am expounding on what I believe.

I do want to say before I go very far, that at the core of my own belief system is a certainty that the one thing required of me is to act in compassion at all times. That’s a tall order, and I often fall short, but that is what I believe is called for. In fact, the more I read and study, the more I feel that that is the one thing required in all religions. So that, if, as the one blogger asked, Allah was the one that answered the door and you had lived your life as a Christian, you will have lived your life in obedience to the one thing necessary. The rest can be worked out, if we will only learn to be compassionate with one another. Then it won’t matter who answers the door, Allah, Hashem, Abba, I don’t care. In fact I think there is only one, and that, no matter what you call this holy presence, God is God. Divine Intelligence.

Which means that, no, you are not going to convert me to Islam, and no I don’t expect to convert you to my beliefs, but, if you are in obedience to that one command in as much as you are able, and I do the same. We may well sit next to one another at the Divine Banqueting Table. Hm.



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  1. While I’m not one for revering famous people of history — somewhere along the road any hero worship of famous scientists etc. got burnt out deep, mostly on things like finding out about less famous ones that did things more important to me or finding out things about their character and habits. Newton wasn’t a big deal to me and I don’t really look up to Newton much.

    But this is another reminder of the thing that creeps me out most about human beings and certain religions … that something as internal and finicky-scholarly as a question over the rank and hierarchy of deities in a pantheon, applying primate dominance and getting all ferocious about exactly how much one outranks another, leads to murder and atrocity, mass murder on the wholesale level for stupid things, for ideas, for the kind of thing you sit up nights jawing about with friends over a few jugs of wine.

    I don’t think my gods were all that offended at hundreds and thousands of Greek philosophers sitting up nights over wine discussing the Nature of the Gods and whether they were ideas and archetypes within people’s minds or something physical or external or something else entirely or even whether reality was real and they were more solid than we are… I think they got amused if they had a bent to speculate on things and it wouldn’t surprise me if they sometimes did.

    What’s wrong with that spirit of curiosity and speculation?

    Why is it that atrocity gets taken for granted as The Right Thing To Do throughout so damn much of history and across so many different world religions? If religion is supposed to in some way ennoble or improve human beings, if it’s supposed to carry moral precepts, then let’s start by eliminating the bit where “And kill everyone else who disagrees on anything horribly with extra torture” comes into their regular habits.

    This has resulted in religious symbols becoming symbols of terror to people all over the world, depending on where you live and which of those is aimed at you with guns.

    I had a cross burnt on my lawn and will not forget that, ever.

  2. sumariel said:

    Yes, I understand about that cross thing, Robert, I do believe I told you about Bobbi’s boyfriend being a member of the KKK, when I told him to get out of the house as long as he was going to spout their drivel, my poor father, who was too ill to defend us, was scared to death they would come after us.

    It is fun to think of the Powers sitting around and listening to us rant, isn’t it? I wonder if they do, just for amusement? Thanks for stopping by and reading my comments, it’s fun to answer and it’s fun when someone actually reads what you wrote. I appreciate it!

  3. Good Afternoon

    Definitely gonna recommend this post to a few friends

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