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Sacredness ~

I answered someone’s question earlier today about what constituted blasphemy with the usual definitions, and then went on to comment that sacredness was where your heart is with God, and blasphemy was where you could not sense God, yet addressed God anyway.

I believe that is true, but I also believe that God is very real, and so, there is a point at which, no matter what you believe, you may commit blasphemy by going against God. Now, the question then comes, what, truly, is “Going against God?” And that, indeed, is the question of our time, isn’t it?

We have reached, as a society, a crisis of faith so severe that either everything is all right, and we are just good folks having a fun party, or we have to decide what is right and what is not. Now, if you have read my last post, you already know where I stand. If it is of compassion, it is not far from the will of God, and if it is close to the will of God, you are doing all you can to obey the holy presence.

But, therein lies the rub, so to speak. What is of compassion? Can’t we just go about making sure everyone is fed and clothed, and housed, and all is pretty much all right? Well, actually, I do think that comes awfully close if it’s not on the mark. But, then, what do we do about the people that will not treat their “brothers” as equals in all things? I do believe that even if we all have all of our basic needs met that there will still be those who will be less than kind to their neighbor.

BUT, we have a long way to go before we get to the point where we can actually say to anyone, but you had all you needed, what went wrong? Now, the basis of my belief that we will still have problems is not the basic depravity of man. I am not a Calvinist. I actually believe that humans all have a bright side and a dark side. And that, whatever side you feed, that side will prosper.

But wait, that implies much more than just the meeting of basic needs to see that the “bright” side of each human wins out in the long run. If you follow that line of thinking to it’s logical conclusion, then there are many factors that can cause a human to rise or fall. What of the child who is given all of those basic needs, but is never allowed to feel wanted or needed or loved in any way? What about the child born without the ability to feel loved? In both instances, basic needs met or not, you are probably looking at the beginnings of a criminal lifetime.

So, there we are, back to compassion, aren’t we? But, what do we do with those children when they grow up into a life of crime? Do we electrocute them? After all, can we not look at their beginnings and see the signs that they would not prosper? And seeing those signs, could we not intervene on behalf of the child? Perhaps that would help for the child not allowed to feel love, but what of the child unable to feel love? What can Santa bring that child to “fix” things?

Or does Santa exist for that child in any way? If the child is unable to feel love, then the Calvinist will say that that child will perish and go to everlasting hell. But . . . . . . what if the Calvinist is wrong? What if there is no hell? What if there is only death and rebirth? What if the meaning of Y’shua’s words were misconstrued in the translation and he was speaking of coming back around in a new body and trying again? Ooops!

And by the way. who are we to presume that an all seeing, all knowing God, who knows that that child is unable to accept the gift, for that is what love is, a gift, will condemn the child outright?. No matter how it is presented, by the crucifixion of one man for all, or by the knowledge that a compassionate God has always forgiven, it is a gift. In your world, the child unable to accept love by virtue of a personality glitch must surely die, for that child cannot accept the love of the Christ. (Christ, a Greek word, not Hebrew. Christianity is, after all Hellenized Judaism)

You insist that it must be with the sacrifice of this man, this God man, who hung on the cross. This is possible. I have no difficulty with the idea that God would accept the sacrifice one made for all, I have difficulty in believing that God would disobey his own words to Moshe that he would never come in the form of a human. And there is another thing here. Hashem told his followers that he would never accept human sacrifice. So, OK, he went back on his word and did what he said he wouldn’t do. Um, God lied?

Maybe your God, but not my God, sorry, it’s not flying with me today. My God requires absolute painful truthfulness out of me, from the start of the day, to the finish. If I must obey a God that requires that kind of truth, I can, but not if He lies to the entire human race. So, it is quite OK for you, if you wish to believe that Y’shua was more God’s son than you are, just accept the fact that I think he was an enlightened human who knew God in a closer than usual fashion and leave it at that, please?

Oh, and by the way, when you can produce the Aramaic words of Y’shua where he actually said he was God’s only begotten, and I don’t have to buy that the original manuscripts were ditched in Constantinople because they proved he did not, yeah, then we’ll discuss the idea that he called himself God.

In the meantime, I happen to believe in the compassion of Hashem as an ongoing and all encompassing thing. I like the concept, it means God forgives. It also means I have to behave myself and not murder, cheat. lie or steal, or at least make the grand effort to live the life of one who does not do these things, knowing that forgiveness is there, but that I am expected to grow in Spirit and mature in a manner that says I do indeed believe in the Holy One, or the Holy Presence, if you prefer. Oh, and another thing or three, there are things one does for others if one truly believes in the compassion of Hashem.

Oh, and the child? I believe in reincarnation, obviously, so, perhaps, the glitch will no longer be there, and the child can accept the love of God, no matter what form you put it in.

Compassion ~

Heaven help us, I know that if you are “out there” looking, you are getting scads of input on compassion. Especially if you are willing to look at the Buddhists sites. This is because though there have been a lot of things going on in Southeast Asia, the basic thrust of Buddhism has always been kindness, and the current Dalai Lama, is emphasizing compassion and kindness altogether.

I suspect that for me, the saddest thing of all is that Y’shua taught this to his followers also, it just got lost in all of the other stuff that the “church” seems to have thought worth the arguing. It wasn’t, it never will be. All of the other stuff, the style of baptism, or the style of church leadership, those are all temporal things, and have nothing to do with the development of your eternal soul. When Y’shua said, “Love one another as I have loved you!”, and repeated it many times throughout his teaching career, and said it in a thousand different ways, he wasn’t just talking to hear the wind in his throat. He meant it.

If we learn to care about one another, and by this I mean to learn to respect one another so that we give when giving is needed, and give space when that is needed, we will be following his clearest and best teachings. That business about giving space when it is needed, that is just as important as all the things or hugs you can give. Now, I don’t mean to just move on and let Joe stand on the street corner shivering in the cold, that is not acceptable, unless you have offered warmth and Joe said “No thank ye.”

But, then you have to ask, “Why did Joe not want to be warmer?” Was it because we really weren’t “giving”? Probably. If there are strings attached in any way, we are not giving from compassion. We’re advertising our version of God just as though we were a part of the money making corporate world. True compassion reaches out to Joe with what he needs and asks nothing in return. Now, I am not saying that giving that kind of kindness is easy. If it was, we wouldn’t have to learn to do it, would we? We would practice it out of hand. No, giving that kind of compassion and kindness is extremely difficult.

When we give in that manner, we are leaving Joe’s belief system in place, and maybe his culture in place, and asking him only to receive what we give. Yet, that very act, though slower, perhaps than the zealot stance of asking payment for the “gifts” we give with a change in their outlook, operates as a “witness”. You can do so much more if you give this way. Yes, make what you believe open, discuss it if asked, but do not push it down people’s throats. Then, they might actually believe you gave out of the goodness within you rather than out of some avaricious intent. Just a thought.


How it is with me ~

I am not here to tell you that my path will work for you, or that it will work for every voicehearer. I am simply here to share what has worked for me. There are, among my friends, those who would lovingly tell me that I should not share my world at all with those who do not know me. Most of the time, you would not know that I do indeed hear voices. I have, for the most part, learned to cope with the differences in perception that the voices create.

There are reasons, however, that make it such that I feel that this may be exactly the best way to “give back” for all the help I have received in my life. It is, in essence, paying it forward, so that if someone else who is a voice hearer and lives under the same onus should find this, it may help them. We have lived for generations with the fears that accompany this phenomenon, and it is time to stop running.

There are many others, and I have seen on the internet signs that there are groups forming that help voicehearers affirm their lives in meaningful ways. The sad part is that, once upon a time, voicehearers were thought to be hearing the “gods” and were therefore spokespeople for the divine. Mouthpieces, so to speak. That, I would have to say was a false presumption and probably led to complete idiocy or the hanging or drowning of many a voicehearer for heeding the wrong voice.

I do know a couple of other folks who hear voices, and they will be invited to give input into this blog as I continue to post. And, yes, by implication of my last paragraph I have found that there are voices that I hear that have led me to make loving and good improvements in my life, and there are other voices that would have led me down some dark and dangerous roads, and indeed did for a time, until I realized I was going a direction I did not want to go.

Now I will tell you that there are many of us who cannot hang onto the present, the here and now, and for that problem I do not have any recommendations. Personally, I have considered wearing a Jabra phone accessory like you see here, so that, should I accidentally feel I needed to answer one of the voices and someone was around, they would think I was talking to someone on the “phone”. It would work. You find yourself wondering about the folks that go around talking animatedly to one of those things, anyway.

All kidding aside, the path I walk has been a spiritual path, and I am not sure I had a choice, though there are those who would argue that point. I did a lot of exploring to find the right “religion” and found that none really seemed to have all the answers, even though many claimed they did, or that they had the answers we needed and the rest should be taken on faith. I wasn’t willing to do that, so there are those faiths that will insist that I am possessed, and should not be listened to at all.

I will respect that you may think that way, as long as you respect my right to be who I am and not live my life your way. Since I do not live be a formulaic faith, my world is not so cut and dried. I am quite thankful that many of the churches of today are beginning to deal with those of us out here that do not fit the “norm’.

If you look around this blog, you will see a page posted on Neil Douglas-Klotz’ translation of the beatitudes. He is a Sufi mystic, yet his translation makes a great deal more sense to me that the King James version of that same passage, so I post it here. Look him up, he has a web presence that will tell you much more about him. It is in exploring work like his, and teachings by the Buddha that I have found a peaceful way to live my life. That is what I will discuss on this blog. You are welcome to look in from time to time, I have a circle of friends back in Indiana that I hope will look in often. Thank you,


Newtonian Theology?

I was just watching the History Channel on Sir Isaac Newton’s Dark Secrets. Oh my, and they were dark, at least in his day, bless his heart, they would have gotten him hung. Worse, he was a professor at Trinity College, and he was NOT a Trinitarian. He believed that Y’shua was born of God and was close to God, but was not God’s equal. Yes, it most certainly would have been the end of his career and more likely his life, if the “establishment” had known that was how he believed.

Those who have been part of my own circle of friends for years would feel that this was familiar theological ground, as it is what I have believed for a number of years. (Actually, it’s sort of encouraging to find that someone as incredibly intelligent as Newton believed this, as, when it occured to me, I thought I stood in a little cul de sac, all alone, with complete atheists and agnostics on one side, and Bible thumpers on the other. That wasn’t true, actually, and I now know that there have been many eminent scholars that were miles ahead of me from the start.

My little circle, however, is made up of non scholars who had come to question the church’s grip on their lives, who yet did not want to give up believing in God. We have come a long way since we first began to explore, and have learned through different channels of communication and different studies that we believe that God has been in communication with all humans since the beginning of time, and that there is at least a grain of truth in most religions at least at the core. We believe, or I should say I believe, since it is just me that is authoring this, and I shouldn’t put too much on the shoulders of others when I am expounding on what I believe.

I do want to say before I go very far, that at the core of my own belief system is a certainty that the one thing required of me is to act in compassion at all times. That’s a tall order, and I often fall short, but that is what I believe is called for. In fact, the more I read and study, the more I feel that that is the one thing required in all religions. So that, if, as the one blogger asked, Allah was the one that answered the door and you had lived your life as a Christian, you will have lived your life in obedience to the one thing necessary. The rest can be worked out, if we will only learn to be compassionate with one another. Then it won’t matter who answers the door, Allah, Hashem, Abba, I don’t care. In fact I think there is only one, and that, no matter what you call this holy presence, God is God. Divine Intelligence.

Which means that, no, you are not going to convert me to Islam, and no I don’t expect to convert you to my beliefs, but, if you are in obedience to that one command in as much as you are able, and I do the same. We may well sit next to one another at the Divine Banqueting Table. Hm.


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